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Who We Are

OFFRIP Music is an artist-led development agency and boutique management firm with roots in Los Angeles, New York, and New Orleans. A collaborative and expansive network of creatives & industry professionals with a tightly stitched team at its core that focuses on showcasing local art scenes across the digital universe.

OFFRIP Music operates under the idea that every artist’s needs are unique and per that notion remain unconfined to a particular set of services, offering a variety of different levels of assistance across an analog and digital spectrum. Initially recognized for their work with accredited Louisiana emcee Wakai, the group went on to roster seasoned artists such as Quadry as well as promising up-and-comers like Cisco Swank.

Our Story 

In the Fall of 2017, Kip, Nick Coleman, and Nye Moody arrived at orientation for music industry studies at Loyola University New Orleans. Bonding quickly over a common affinity for hip-hop, they built a makeshift recording studio in Nick’s dorm (room 401) and produced records as an unnamed group. Garnering enough of a buzz to book a small show, the trio were tasked with naming themselves for the bill. OFFRIP started there.

The trio moved off campus into 15 Cromwell Pl. a weathered white house on an unassuming street behind the Loyola library. Formerly owned by a fraternity, the group was lucky to inherit a home seemingly immune to noise complaints. They began throwing house shows every other weekend that featured a vast array of both Loyola students and artists native to the Louisiana area and quickly became a staple in uptown nightlife.

OFFRIP was initially deadset on becoming an event planning company, but COVID produces an entirely new set of obstacles. They cancel months and months worth of events and pivot their focus towards the digital sphere of music. Learning the ins and outs of advertising and playlisting, they begin offering their services to artists in need of promotion. OFFRIP also releases their DSP debut, self-titled EP featuring Lousiana talent Wakai, JoshSimmons, & and Kr3wcial

OFFRIP graduates from Loyola University and parts ways with the place that, unbeknownst to them at the time, laid the foundation for their entire careers in music. Everyone returns back to their hometown where they begin saving up money to move their mission out to Los Angeles. Wakai reached out about needing assistance with his musical career and stepped in.

We release our first record with Wakai independely as his offical management, “To A Dark Boy” a 12 track album featuring Mick Jenkins, Emmavie, Marco Plus, and more. People are extremely receptive, Wakai’s numbers skyrocket, and we begin to attain our first headnods from industry folk. We onboard two new mgmt clients, Quadry and JoshSimmons. We begin to scale our company and add additional members to our team.

We onboard Cisco Swank to our management roster. Outside of mgmt, we create our own distribution network backed by TooLost and begin offering record label services to potential clients.


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