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Raised by his two mothers in Brooklyn who consistently nurtured his passion for music & art, his upbringing was peppered with a myriad of influences and was ultimately a surefire recipe for a prolific career in music.

Deriving influence from two titanic styles of social rebellion, Kip cites classic Golden Age hip-hop alongside contemporary punk rock as his twin cities of inspiration. Griselda, IDLES, A Tribe Called Quest, and Rage Against The Machine are some artists acknowledged publicly as tremendous contributors to the development of his sonic palette. Combining hip-hop’s emcee culture with the rough and tumble spirit of rock and roll, Kip’s most outstanding asset is his crowd control and affinity for live performance. After years of scattered solo-releases and collaborations, the young stage dweller announced that his debut project is set to be released Spring of 2022. With a repertoire that could be likened to a wine cellar, each of Kip’s songs offer up a different vintage, texture and flavor - unique to its own, unlike its last taste.

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