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Nick Coleman

From a collaboration with an indie artist on

the rise in Jonah Roy, to securing high profile

rap features from the likes of Oakland’s

ALLBLACK and Inglewood’s White John. For

veteran NIck Coleman fans, “OFF PCH” is a

trip to Santa Monica, while serving as a great

entry point for new listeners coming from

different lanes. This album is the next piece

of the West Coast portrait Coleman

continues to paint with each release.

After crafting “OFF PICO” in dedication to his

home section of Mid-City L.A., the Nick

Coleman party is headed to the beach with

“OFF PCH”. The latest addition to Coleman's

Alternative West-Coast soundscape, this

album is packed with songs you can slap

from Malibu to Long Beach. The project

explores where the West-Coast sound

overlaps with adjacent genres, yet stays true

to the inner-city roots laid by “OFF PICO”. A

diverse selection of guest appearances sees

Nick expanding his reach. In the two years following the release of his

debut album, “OFF PICO”, Coleman has fully

dedicated himself to the success of OFFRIP

artists by organizing tours, coordinating highly

successful releases, securing key media

placements, and cultivating a successful platform

for OFFRIP talent. All the while, Nick continued to

hone his Alternative West-Coast sound by

releasing a multitude of singles and a

collaboration project, “BY THE SHORE”, with his

long-time producer Austin1hunnnid. Determined

to usher in the newest era of West Coast Hip-

Hop, the time has come for Nick to leave the

boardroom and return to centerstage with his

newest album, “OFF PCH”.

Listen to the new album 'On PCH' now featuring ALLBALCK, Jonah Roy, The Adoni, Pure Luxury, Nick Bison, and White John.

Nick Coleman
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